Legal notice and terms of use

A) Basic things for you to know:

  • ebuga is a social network focused on cars with dealer, service and car reviews. We order, filter and classify these reviews to give the buyer a powerful and independent source of information to help them make the best choice for them. You can use it as much as you want, but do not make any unfair use of our service: we will not allow it.
  • Regarding your personal info, we totally respect your privacy, the treatment for your email and all other personal data you provide us.
  • The same way you can always start receiving emails from ebuga, you can always stop receiving emails from ebuga… Just go to your personal area to cut the service, or you tell us and therefore no more emails will be sent to you.
  • The following text is the English translation of the original note in Spanish. If by any strange situation there might be a conflict in meaning between English and Spanish translation, the Spanish one has prevalence. Full legal notice in Spanish is accessible here.

B) General terms of use:

1. Information according to the LSSI (Ley de Servicios de la sociedad de la informacion y de comercio electronico):

According to the article 10 of the spanish Act 34/2002, about services to the information society and electronic commerce, all users of this page are informed that the owner of this site is BUGA INTERNET, S.L. (hereinafter, "ebuga"), a Spanish company based in Barcelona, Calle Buenos Aires, no. 62-64, 4 floor, registered at the Commercial Registry of Barcelona under Tomo 39.388, Folio 26, Hoja B-343.516. ebuga is holder of the tax identification number (CIF) B-64.471.659

2. Web site conditions of use:

The user agrees to make a fair use of this web site and all related services accessible from this web site.

The user agrees to not to make use of services or contained informations in this web site to perform illegal activities, against moral or against public order, and agrees to make a use according to this legal notice.

According to its own criteria, ebuga is empowered to interrupt temporally or definitely the service, or the access to the web site, or providing any of the services throughout this site, at any moment and without further notice.

Likewise, ebuga holds the right to deny or to remove the Access to the web site to any user that might not respect terms of use of this web site, without further noticing the user.

This General Terms of Use do not exclude the possibility that some contents and / or services are under their specific terms of use.

3. Intellectual property rights:

ebuga (or its licensees, in case of any) is holding Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights for all contents of this web site, including the following ones: product description, text, images, logos, buttons, software files, color combinations and palettes, as well as the structure, selection, sorting and presentation of its contents. Those contents are protected by Spanish and international Laws about intellectual and industrial property. In any case the fact to access this site will mean a renunciation, neither a transmission, neither a partial or total cession of the granted rights provided by Spanish and international laws about intellectual and industrial property.

Only with exception of temporary downloading from the site to the user's hard drive or proxy servers, it is forbidden to copy, use, distribute, reuse, exploit, create second copies, send by email, transmit, modify, grant totally or partially the information contained in this web site if ebuga does not approve it.

The user is committed to use contents in a diligent, fair and lawful way. In particular, the user is committed to avoid deleting, eluding or manipulating the copyright and other identifiable data about the rights of ebuga or any of the additional holders incorporated to the content, technical devices for protection, or any information mechanism that might be included in contents. Likewise, the user will refrain from using contents, and in particular, any information that may have been obtained throughout the site, to perform advertisement activities, communications with commercial purposes, unsolicited messages addressed to a community of people with independence of the finality it may have this message, and will refrain from selling or divulging this information.

Unless previous and explicit written authorization, this web site corresponds to a domain registered by ebuga and cannot be used in connection with other services that are not ebuga in such a way that may cause confusion among its users and customers or in a way that may cause discredit to ebuga.

It is totally forbidden to make, without the previous acceptance of ebuga, any manipulation or change to this web site. Therefore, ebuga is not assuming any responsibility produced or that might be produced by such changes or manipulations from third parties.

The user grants ebuga all intellectual property exploitation rights about the information and contents provided throughout this site, and the user also ensures a legitimate ownership or faculty of disposing over those rights.

Likewise, regarding contents or elements that the user is providing to ebuga, the user grants ebuga a permanent, irrevocable and non exclusive right and license for the use, reproduction, modification, adaptation, translation, creation of adapted works, distribution, execution and publishing (be it total or partial) of such contents and elements on a worldwide basis, and/or to incorporate them to other works by any mean, media or technology.

4. Limitation of responsibility:

ebuga is not responsible, in any case, about the information, opinions or contents communicated, hosted, transmitted or put at disposal in this web site.

ebuga is able to limit the access to this web site about reviews, opinions, comments or images sent by users, even to include filters for that purpose. In any case, the former sentence does not mean that ebuga is totally able to control all published controls in its web site, because this is not reasonably possible. It rather means that ebuga will avoid when possible any illicit content entry, and its will to avoid when possible content that do not respect dignity of the person, or is discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic or attempting to human rights.

ebuga does not identify with any opinion that users might issue throughout this web site, and is not responsible of those opinions, becoming as only responsible the person that transmitted those opinions. In case of necessity, ebuga is legitimated to suspend immediately the service, and, if required, to remove all supposed or confirmed illegal contents, be it by its own initiative or by request of a third involved party or by the competent authority, without meaning in any case a right to compensation because this suspension or removal.

Related to the former situations, ebuga is exempt of any responsibility about any taken decision by the user of this web site as a consequence of the information contained in it, especially regarding reviews brought by other users.

Likewise, ebuga refuses any responsibility on any information that has been elaborated or published under its name but without an authorization, and also refuses any responsibility of misusing contents, and keeps the right to update them, erase them, limit them or restricting the access to them, be it temporarily or permanently.

5. Links:

All links that ebuga might set up in its web site are merely informative, therefore, ebuga does not control nor check any information, content, products and services provided throughout those web sites. As a consequence of that, ebuga declines any responsibility regarding any aspect of those pages, especially their content.

Setting links to this web site by other web sites does not require a previous acceptance from ebuga.

However, ebuga keeps the right to not to allow setting links that can be considered as negative for the reputation of ebuga. Therefore, ebuga could at any moment notify the holder of a web site to refrain or suspend this linking for such reasons.

In any case, ebuga does not assume any responsibility for any aspect regarding the web site that is offering this link. Setting a link does not mean any relationship, collaboration or dependence of ebuga with the holder of this web site.

ebuga does not guarantee a continuity of the service provided in its web site, and does not guarantee that this service is available anytime. Likewise, ebuga is not responsible about damages and prejudices, be them direct or indirect, including damages to computer systems or incorporation of viruses, due to the necessary navigation via Internet to access this web site.

6. User duties:

The user will respond about damages and prejudices that ebuga may suffer as a consequence of not following any of the duties that are specified in this Terms of Use statement.

Regarding navigation in this site, the user agrees to observe on a diligent and loyal way all recommendations that ebuga is setting regarding use of this site. To those effects, ebuga will be addressed to its users by any way of communication throughout this web site.

7. Privacy:

To use some services offered by ebuga, users will have to provide some personal data and information. ebuga will process them according the described terms in Privacy policy in ebuga , currently under the Spanish Act Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electrónico, which remains incorporated to the present Terms of Use document.

8. Duration and modification.

ebuga will have the right to change unilaterally terms and conditions as specified in this document, be it totally or partially. Therefore, the validity of the present Terms of Use document is coincident with the time of its publishing, until being changed totally or partially by ebuga.

ebuga will be able unilaterally to finish, suspend or to interrupt the operability of this web site, with no chance to ask for a indemnification from the user.

9. Law and basis of venue:

Basis of venue for this Terms of Use document is the Spanish one.

The Users and ebuga, expressly waiving the Jurisdiction that may correspond to the same, submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona (Spain) for any matter derived from the present Terms of Use document.

C) Cookies Policy

ebuga communicates the users throughout this statement that is using cookies when the user is navigating the different pages and windows of this web site. Those cookies that ebuga is using are stored in the user’s hard drive but cannot read data contained in this hard drive nor reading other suppliers’ cookie files. However, the user can prevent cookies generation by setting up the appropriate option in the user’s web browser. 

ebuga is using cookies with the purpose of providing a better and a more personalized service and content for the user, to offer social network functionalities and to obtain information about date and time of the last visit of the user, measuring some parameters of traffic within the web site and to estimate the number of visits, so that ebuga is able to adjust and to refine its services in a more effective way. We also share information about the use that is made in our site with our social network partners, advertising partners and analytics services partners. Our partners may combine this information with other information provided by you or any use made of their respective services.

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