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BUGA INTERNET, S.L., henceforth responsible, is responsiblefor the treatment of the personal data of the user andinforms him that these data will be treated in accordancewith the provisions of the regulations on protection ofpersonal data, Regulation (EU) ) of April 27, 2016 2016/679(GDPR) relative to the protection of individuals with regard tothe processing of personal data and the free movement ofsuch data, so it is provided the following information for thetreatment:

Purpose of the processing: maintaining a commercialrelationship with the user. The planned operations to carryout the treatment are:

Remission of commercial communications, advertising,provided you have previously authorized, by email, fax, SMS,MMS, social communities or any other means, electronic orphysical, present or future, which enable communicationscommercial. These communications will be made by theperson in charge and related about their products andservices, or its partners or suppliers that it has reached anagreement of promotion. In this case, third parties will neverhave access to personal data.

Carry out statistical studies.

Processing orders, requests or any type of request that ismade by the user through any of the contact forms that areat your disposal.

Send the newsletter of the web page.

Criteria of conservation of data: they keep while there is amutual interest to keep the end of the treatment and when itis no longer needed for that purpose, shall be deleted withproper security measures to ensure the seudonimizacion ofthe data or the total destruction of them.

Data communication: not communicate data to third parties,unless legal obligation.

Rights that assist the user:

Right to withdraw consent at any time.

Right of access, rectification, portability and data suppressionand limitation or opposition to the treatment.

Right to file a complaint with the authority of control( if it is considered that the treatment does notconform to the regulations in force.

Contact details for exercising their rights:

Postal address: BUGA INTERNET, SL. Buenos Aires, 62-64 4thfloor 08036 Barcelona (BARCELONA).



Users, by marking the appropriate boxes and input of data inthe fields, marked with an asterisk (*) in the contact form orsubmitted in forms of discharge, accepted expressly and freeand unequivocal way that your data is required to meet yourrequest, by the provider, being voluntary the inclusion ofdata in the remaining fields. The user guarantees that thepersonal data provided to the responsible are truthful and isresponsible for communicating any modification thereof.

Responsible for reports and expressly warrants to users thatyour personal data will not be disclosed under anycircumstances to third parties, and that whenever he heldsome sort of transfer of personal data, will be previouslyExpress, informed consent and unequivocal on the userspart. All the data requested through the website aremandatory, since they are necessary for an optimal serviceto the user. They should not be provided all the data, wecannot guarantee that information and services provided arecompletely adjusted to your needs.


That in accordance with the provisions of current regulationson personal data protection, responsible for is complyingwith all provisions of GDPR regulations for the treatment ofthe personal data of its responsibility, and clearly with thedescribed principles in article 5 of the GDPR, which aretreated in a lawful, fair and transparent manner in relation tothe person concerned and adequate, relevant and limited towhat is necessary in relation to the purposes for which theyare treated.

Responsible for guarantees that it has implementedtechnical and organizational policies appropriate to applysecurity measures that establish the GDPR in order toprotect the rights and freedoms of users and hascommunicated them adequate information to they canexercise them.


We use several tools which allow us to improve the userexperience and also allow us to collect information from theuse of our service users, and this allows us to improve ourplatform.

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